A dog’s life…and remembering

Saturday…up with the sun and on the road before 6. Coffee in hand made the night before, heading northeast to Table Mountain near Oroville, CA. The day spread as a fertile field before us, open to new sights, sounds and smells.

Roxy was running so fast, this is the best I could do getting a shot of her moving! We adopted her a little over a month ago–a three year old lab/pointer mix. So many smells to sniff, puddles to splash through and hills to bound over–she was in what must have been dog heaven. Pure joy to watch her. To live in the moment, running for joy, no tumbling thoughts crowding my mind, jostling for space…that’s what I wish to learn from her.

Wolf spider in his burrow.

J can make even road-side sandwiches look straight out of Bon Appetite! And they taste just as good too!

Chef and photographer extraordinaire…

Along a county road, we stopped to photograph wildflowers. I looked up to see five yellow ribbons around five oak trees at the start of a driveway…may they come home safely.

We often stop and visit in old pioneer cemeteries we come across in our travels. Even a soldier from so long ago was remembered this day.

Catching a sunset near the river on the way home.


Author: TJ

adventurer, writer, photographer

3 thoughts on “A dog’s life…and remembering”

  1. TJ, I know the feeling of joy a dog can spread. I adore the photo of Roxy up on the rock overlooking the wildflowers. This is why I have a dog: to learn to love and celebrate the moment with abandon.

    What a gorgeous day you had! I love that thistle. And the sandwich?! Oh my! I am so happy for you. You have been a dog in my life today, loaning me the gift of joy. Thank you so very much for celebrating your life so abundantly.

    May your happiness increase.


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